L’Ultima Settimana

4/24/18- Rome, Italy

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since I last wrote a post on here, but things have been busy here in April. From Easter on, school really picked up in pace and intensity barreling toward finals which happen to be this week.  With a few presentations, papers, an oral exam in Italian and just enjoying the final weeks here in Europe, writing an update was not in the cards, so I figured as this would be one of the final posts of this collection of stories and updates from Rome and Europe, I would update everyone on the past few weeks of travel.

Following Easter weekend, we decided to head back to the British Isles and visit London. Yes, part of that decision was wanting to see the city, all of its history and all of the points of interest, but our main draw was visiting Duncan, whom many of you know, but is our friend from school back in Kennett.  As he is so busy with his acting, it was great we were able to connect.

In addition to some nice sit downs for coffee (no tea for this guy) and nice conversations, we got to tour Shakespeare’s Globe Theater as well, which felt like a nice and necessary way to tie a bow on the KCSD English curriculum.

We did visit other go to sites like the London Eye, Harrods, Piccadilly Circus, and Buckingham Palace. And though we did all of this, we also felt it necessary to go to the movies and see a film in English!

The weather was actually nice and spring like in London which was such a great feeling, since back in Philadelphia, the weather was terrible, and in Rome, things were fast approaching late May temperatures, which made it nice to stop and enjoy the fabulous spring days that weekend.


The following weekend, we made our way to Barcelona for our last weekend away from Rome. Though it was sad to have our last weekend getaway, I think the consensus was that we were ready to rest.

The great thing about Barcelona was just that. A relaxing weekend, mainly because of the uncommon weather they were experiencing of cold and rain while the rest of Europe was warm and sunny. Go figure.  It wasn’t the worst thing though, because we ended up not fighting the rain, sleeping in, eating lots of tapas and churros, while still getting to enjoy las Ramblas, the harbor, and Sagrada Familia in dry patches of the day.


Though writing papers, taking tests and presenting has put a damper on the final week here in Rome, the upper 70 degree days have made things just feel better. Hopefully I can come back to the USA with good grades and a bit of a tan.

One thought on “L’Ultima Settimana

  1. By all accounts I believe you have had a wonderful trip and an experience you will never forget. I know your family will be happy to see you😻


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