4/6/18- Rome, Italy

Things are starting to come to a close here in Rome. Yes, we still have about 3 weeks left, but the papers, presentations and other goodies from school are starting to pile up.  If it weren’t for good time management, I don’t know how I would be able to travel on the weekends with a clear conscience. Though things were hectic this week, it was a very relaxing, but special weekend here in Rome.

As it goes, Rome is a pretty big tourist destination around Easter. And maybe one of the biggest bucket list moments, for me, was going to the Vatican for Easter mass.

So we got up at 5:45 AM to get ready, pound a cup of coffee and some toast before making our couple block walk to Vatican City. We got there around 6:45, and there was already a ton of people for the 10:15 mass.  It was definitely worth the wait as we got a nice seat right along the aisle, which to us, was the back, but it turned out being right along the path of the pope-mobile!

As for the mass, it was something really special seeing that many congregated from around the world. It was truly a representation of a world at peace.  Though I was there with friends, I did miss the normal traditions of seeing family and friends.

All told, I would highly recommend attending some sort of event around Easter at the Vatican, as it will make your trip to Rome.

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