Holy Week Update

3/29/18- Rome, Italy

Hello all, just another update. All is well here in Rome this holy week. The city is packed with tourists, but the rain has stopped and were now enjoying mid to upper 60’s on a more consistent basis.

This past weekend, I was in Trento Italy, which is an area that was previously Austrian before the end of WWI. In addition to the Alps being beautiful, it was a cool region with a blended German/Italian culture depending on where in the valley you were situated.

It was a good weekend to learn about the Italian front in the Great War, which is something that I feel was overlooked in a lot of my other classes, making it very interesting to hear about World War I from the Italian perspective.

After coming back from Trento, I somehow scratched my eye and had to visit a doctor here in Rome. Though it was set up through Temple’s insurance and medical network, it was yet another of what I am calling “real world experiences” here in Rome. In reality, it is just little headaches like having your Mac break or visiting the doctor that ruin the illusion that this trip is reality, when it is really closer to a fantasy.

The doctor wasn’t any different than an American office, but that could also be because the doctor was an American national.

Going to the pharmacy or farmacia was a different experience as the store specializes exclusively in medication and does not double as a supermarket, RadioShack, and Hallmark store all in one.

• • •

Though things have been somewhat hectic and probably will continue to be going into the final push toward finals, I have had the time to reflect this week on the fact that, at the time of publishing this to the web, I will have 29 days left on my excursion through Europe. Yup, for those playing along at home, that’s 11 days of classes, 5 days of finals (only 3 of which I have tests on), 4 weekends, 2 holidays, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Things have gone fast here. Looking back, we have done a lot of memorable, fun, and at times, crazy things here, but the first three months of this trip flew by.  There is still a lot planned for the next 29 days, still places to go, people to see, and memories to be made.

That’s all for now folks. I’ll be sure to post about our Easter festivities next week. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone this weekend!


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