Class Excursion I

3/21/18- Campania, Italy

This past weekend, I had a class excursion down to Campania, south of Rome.  Yes, this is the land of buffalo mozzarella, and the Amalfi Coast, but this was anything but a leisurely trip. Rather, it was what my professor called the “death march” so on Friday, our bleary eyed class made our way to meet a 7 AM bus, which for many was just the continuation of events from Thursday night.

We worked our way south, stopping at various towns on the way down the coast. We stopped in both Terracina and Minturno, both Roman settlements along the famed Appian way, which was cool because we stood on 2000-year-old stones making up the I-95 of its day.

After that, we made our way to the area around Naples where we saw a very well preserved Roman Villa, covered from the eruption of Vesuvius.

Saturday and Sunday were no different as we basically jogged around Pompei and Paestum for hours each day. I will say as tired and as soaked as we were from the rain, it was a very informative and exciting trip.  Seeing homes, temples, and many other structures dating way back, it was nice to be able to contextualize life and what we are learning about in class.

Happy spring to everyone, stay safe in the snow, and I will keep everyone posted on this weekend in 5 days or thereabouts.


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