Update From Rome

3/14/18 Rome, Italy

Its, been a minute folks. Since my last update, I ran into some computer troubles last week. Long story short, Apple was repairing my computer until yesterday, but were back in business and better than before. Thank goodness for AppleCare.

While on a tech hiatus of sorts, we took advantage of a sunny, 60º F weekend to see a lot of the important sites that we had neglected to visit, mainly the Trevi Fountain and The Pantheon.

It was so nice to finally see the sites, though it seems that tourism is starting to rise along with the favorable temperatures. Though it was crowded, both sites were amazing to see and alleviated the guilt of living in Rome for 2 months and not seeing such important sites.

Alex, Dave, and I also attended a A.S. Roma soccer match on Friday night which was quite the experience.  The club plays in the old Stadio Olimpico, which seemed to sit around 80,000 by our estimations, but was only about 1/3 of the way filled.  What I found amazing was the sheer volume at such a marginal capacity.  It rivaled that of Beaver Stadium (sorry Penn State fans) in atmosphere and volume. It was also such a wild sight to see the sea of flags through the sections of the stadium as well as the occasional flare thrown onto the track.  It was definitely a memorable experience and was nice to attend a sporting event again.

Otherwise the weekend was rather relaxed. Over the course of lent, I have been practicing my pizza making skills to avoid eating meat, and it has been a learning experience, but I am improving week by week.

This weekend I have an excursion South to the Naples region.  I’ll be sure to update everyone accordingly.


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