Swiss living

3/6/18- Switzerland

To finish out our Spring Break, we visited Switzerland.  While it was the most scenic country, that beauty came at a price, Switzerland is very expensive.  It was hard to find meals at a sit-down restaurant that fit in our price point. Even McDonald’s was pricey there.  Though we were blowing through money, it was a fantastic time.

Our first day we spent the evening in Luzern after our train ride from Paris.  The town was on the lake and looked like something out of a Medieval fairy tale.  While we enjoyed our time in Luzern, our stay was short lived as we made our way to Engelberg.

Engelberg was a town about 40 minutes south by train. Our original plan was to spend two days skiing, but as Wynn, Alex and I have the combined experience of one ski trip between the three of us, skiing the alps did not go as planned.

After a fiasco of embarrassing ourselves, and possible endangering our own wellbeing on the mountain, we had to refund our skis and our second night in our Airbnb.  The trip was something out of a slapstick comedy routine than an actual ski trip, but we did officially ski the Swiss Alps, which did help our very bruised egos after failing miserably at skiing.

Luckily, we were able to get a room at the hotel we stayed at in Luzern a day before. We made the return to the town where we meandered the streets, filled with little shops, and some chains. We did make it to the KapellBrücke, a covered bridge crossing the Reuss river, which feeds into Lake Luzern.  It was incredibly scenic and maybe more importantly, part of a nice day to relax and recharge for the rest of the semester.

All in all, Spring break was a fantastic trip, that exceeded every expectation and was worth every dollar, euro, and franc spent.  For now, its back to school, and back to Rome, which hopefully will be snow free and much warmer than this past week.

Stay tuned for our next adventures.


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