The Floating City

2/26/18 Venice, Italy
It’s been a while, but I am returning to the blog. The previous two weeks were more focused around school going into midterms, but with that out of the way, spring break has begun.
The past 2 days we spent our time in Venice. As some of you may know, Venice has been a bucket list location since I’ve been little, and it was nice to finally visit.
Venice felt culturally different from Rome and the rest of Italy which made it feel like even more of an adventure. We probably saw more Venetian flags than Italian flags and experienced a different pace of life than in other parts of Italy.
Weather wise, Europe is freezing right now. According to locals, the weather is usually 50° F but yesterday was a windy 35° F. The weather did not stop us from roaming around the many shops, both expensive and inexpensive.
Our accommodation for the first night was a very nice hotel with a kitchen, so to save some money we cooked in.
Our second day we ended up exploring the sites, touring St. Mark’s and taking the obligatory gondola ride every tourist takes.
We ended up staying at a different hostel the second night, but the accommodation was just as nice. Our room came with a balcony where we were able to enjoy the view of the Grand Canal.
We ended up grabbing dinner at a little restaurant below our room and had a fantastic Italian dinner with a great piece of tiramisu to cap off what was a spectacular stay in Venice.
The stay met all of my expectations and I am already looking forward to whenever I return to the floating city.
We’re making our way to Munich Monday and are excited for the next leg of our journey. Keep you guys posted.

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