Rest and Relaxation in Rome

2/12/18- Rome, Italy

So, this weekend was just another weekend in Rome. It seems very weird to call it that, but it really was one of the calmer weekends since maybe Thanksgiving. It was really nice to just get up late, finish some school work on Friday, and just enjoy relaxing. It was nice to change up the pace of things, not have to work, travel or really do anything.

The biggest thing we did this weekend was make a trip over to the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museums. It was a really cool collection of different statues, art and frescoes. Obviously, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was breathtaking, so its stands to reason, that I had to secretly take some pictures! I will definitely have to return, probably to see the Vatican gardens if possible.

I hope all is well, and will keep everyone posted on my adventures.


One thought on “Rest and Relaxation in Rome

  1. Glad you had a weekend to rest and relax. You sure have been busy! Loved the pictures of the Sistine Chapel. So beautiful! Keep blogging…. I get very excited to read your posts! Xo


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