Florence and Pisa

1/29/18- Tuscany, Italy

This past weekend was our first weekend of planned travel outside of Rome and outside the Temple Rome program. We didn’t want to travel too far for our first trip, so we figured exploring other Italian cities was the best option.

Saturday morning we hopped on the train to Florence and made our way there by 1 PM. We did not plan, nor  did we put much thought into booking certain things in advance, so we did miss out on some of the big attractions of seeing David and getting on top of the Duomo.

Aside from this slight disappointment, our afternoon of marveling at the behemoth  Cathedral dome, exploring the other various religious buildings, and walking the Ponte Vecchio made for very fun afternoon. We still documented our time with many photos of us taking in the scenery on a very mild day. Needless to say, I will have to go back to Florence at some point.

After our dinner at All’Antico Vinaio, a famous panino shop, we made our way back to the area where our hotel was, stopping at various luxury stores to admire the Louis bags and the loud outfits at the Gucci store, needless to say, we left without any purchases.

On Sunday, we hopped on a train to Pisa to see the famed tower.  Though I expected to see a tilt, the angle that the bell tower rests at is extremely drastic.  We had our fun taking pictures and eating some gelato before walking around Pisa, exploring some stores and doing a little bit of shopping again.

All things considered, we fit a lot into two days. We did have to do our best Chevy Chase impression, by just glancing at some sites, but we did enjoy a lot of what Florence and Pisa had to offer in a much more thoughtful manner. I know I have said it before, but the weekend was just another couple of very successful, and very enjoyable days in Europe. I’ll keep you posted on this week.


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