Weekday Update


1/25/18- Rome, Italy

Just a quick story today. This week all students had to go to the Italian post office to begin the process of obtaining a permit to stay, another layer of paperwork on top of the visas we all have to study here.  On Wednesday, one of my roommates, Wynn and I had to get to the post office to do all of this paperwork at 8:30 AM.  We ended up taking the Metro down to around the Spanish Steps. Though it can be a pain, I feel I am a SEPTA apologist when it comes to Philly’s public transit, but the speed, ease, price, and cleanliness of Rome’s Metro is nonpareil.

After about an hour at the post office, we walked back to our residence. While crossing the Tiber, St. Peter’s came into view, picturesque in itself, but as we got closer to the square, we realized that something was going on, based on the large crowd and the choir echoing down the streets. We have to pass across the Vatican border to get back to our residence anyway so we ventured inside, stumbling upon the Papal audience.

It was such a nice surprise and somewhat funny that we happened to stumble upon a blessing by the Pope.

That’s all for now, we plan to head up to Florence and Pisa this weekend. Keep everyone updated. Until next time.


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