Weekend Outings

1/21/18- Rome, Italy

It seems misleading to call any weekend uneventful, especially here in Rome. Though it may feel that the three-day weekend was uneventful, the amount of history seen and culture absorbed is something I will still be wrapping my head around upon my return to the States.

Friday was a relatively relaxing day as we woke up late.  With the remainder of the day, we did go to the school to try to crank out the majority of our schoolwork with a decent WiFi signal.  After our study session, we went to a place right by are school for dinner.  We ended up going to a restaurant  specializing in all sorts of custom pizzas and it did not disappoint any of us.  My four friends and I agreed that we had finally found our current favorite pizza here in Italy.

Saturday entailed a small group of us heading down to the center of Rome to finally see the Colosseum. Though I had been told that the building was much smaller than one would expect, it still was an impressive size, especially when you think of how old something like the Colosseum is.  After walking around the Colosseum and the areas around the Forum, we settled on a dinner spot overlooking the Roman landmark while eating penne with salmon. The growing trend seems to be that whether its McDonalds or restaurants at the Colosseum, food is just too good here.

Sunday I ventured over to the Vatican out of curiosity as to what Sunday was like there.  I wound up attending 10:30 mass in St. Peter’s. That was quite a treat to see the procession of the many priests and handful of bishops and the cardinal in attendance.  It was also an interesting experience to hear mass in Latin, though they were nice enough to provide multi lingual cheat sheets. As Pope Francis was in South America, there was no public address and blessing, so I still have that on a long list of things to do at the Vatican.

Overall, week 2 has been successful and the amazement from everything on this trip has not ceased, or even slowed. Next week should be fun, as we are planning some travelling. I’ll keep everyone posted.


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