1st Week of Classes

1/18/18- Rome, Italy

So, today marks the end of our school week in Rome. Though it was a busy week of new classes and going through syllabi and sources, the week flew by. As we are now into the swing of things, we did not do any touristy things during the week, but hope to this weekend.

As for my classes, I loaded up on a lot of history courses in Rome. With the exception of Italian, my other three classes here are pertaining to history.  My two sections of Italian history seem daunting, but at the same time, the class seems structured around conversation and debate. This seems like a format that I will enjoy, rather than two back to back lectures.

My favorite class has to be Roman history. Though we only covered the syllabus and “da sources” as my Belgian born professor calls it, my professor’s desire to make witty remarks and tease his students makes our evening class much more enjoyable.

My Italian is still very elementary, but as of this being posted, have spent four hours of class time and this has at least alleviated any anxiety that used to set in when ordering food. It does seem that living in Italy is helping my language skills develop at a faster rate than in Pennsylvania

I hope to update everyone on some weekend events, and if the Wi-Fi is fast enough, hopefully photos as well.


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