Time in Todi

1/13/18- Todi, Italy

To conclude our final day of orientation activities, Temple took the entire group studying in Rome to Todi, a hill town North of Rome by about 2 hours. We ended up arriving around 10:30 in the morning where we had some free time around the town exploring the sites.

According to our guides/professors, Todi is a town with predominantly Gothic roots.  The town still had two of their old churches in operation. These were especially interesting as they were still very ornate, but much starker in design than, newer churches designed centuries later.  The main draw was the pre renaissance art still visible on some places inside of the Basilica di San Fortunato.

After our walking around Todi and a small breakfast, we then drove another 30 minutes through the Umbria region of Italy to have lunch at Castello di Titignano. This old castle compound turned hotel was the location of the meal of a lifetime. For a couple of hours, we were served a traditional Italian meal with 12 courses. Though certain staples such as risotto, spaghetti, biscotti and Tiramisu were all fantastic, the various courses of local lamb, wild boar and deer, or Bambi as the waiters said multiple times, the meal, combined with the locations will be one that is hard to ever top.

The trip to the Umbria region was one that was both very exciting for me and my fellow Temple students, but it also provided everyone a nice way to relax as classes will start on Monday. I think it’s safe to say week one of my time in Italy has been something special.


One thought on “Time in Todi

  1. I just love reading your posts! I can only imagine all of the memories you are making. And…. you are eating like a king! But..Bambi??!! Oh no!


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