Spending Time Around The Vatican

1/11/18- Rome, Italy

This week of orientation has been a bit of adjustment to living in Rome.  While I have been able to ask for cappuccino É un Cornetto, the language barrier is very much still a hurdle I soon hope to overcome.  As a part of the orientation we went on a walk around the area surrounding our Temple building seeing different shops, and again practicing what I would call very bad Italian.

As today was a lighter day of orientation, a few friends and I walked back from Temple Rome to our residence.  This 1.5 mile walk has been a nice walk when the weather is cooperating and has also been a great source of exercise to burn off all the extra calories from all of the food we have been eating.

After a later lunch around 3, my friends and I decided we should go over to Vatican City, as we live about a block outside of the northern wall. To say we were all amazed at the beauty, grandeur and the holy feeling the Basilica held within all in our group, Catholics, and non-Catholics alike.  It was a truly massive building in size, making us spend about 2 hours outside in the square and inside the building walking around, observing the various sculptures, and relics. I hope to post some pictures both to my Instagram and eventually to a gallery on the blog as well.

Unlike many who have visited Rome and the Vatican, we did not feel compelled to do everything in one day. Seeing the Basilica was such an awesome experience as we were able to take in a lot of the sites inside made us appreciate the place that we were at, and made us want to return several times for different tours of the different parts that the Vatican offers to tourists.

After returning, we decided to try a restaurant down the street from our residence to “Birreria Old Trafford” we were looked to find some sort of early dinner snack. We were happy to find such a great restaurant, both in cuisine and experience and decided to actually get dinner there.  The place was run by an old Italian couple, with the husband running the bar and the wife cooking in the kitchen.  After we ordered our paninos, we were given free gnocchi with our dinner, which was a great surprise! As the entire experience in the little restaurant was fantastic for us, we think that this may be our go to spot for dinner throughout the semester.

A fun day was needed, especially going into tomorrow which will again be a very busy day with orientation and some paperwork we need to fill out. I will be sure to keep you all posted.


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